Video Player Controls



Speed Controls:

 Slow Motion.  You can also use [ on your keyboard.

 Fast Forward. You can also use \ on your keyboard.

 Regular speed (real time).  You can also use ] on your keyboard.

Play / Pause

The play button can be used, or the Enter key on your keyboard.


 Go forward or back 5 seconds.  

 Go forward or back 10 seconds.

 Go forward or back 30 seconds.

On your keyboard, you can use the arrow keys (left/right/up/down) to seek forward and backward in 3 or 10 second increments.


 Toggle in and out of High Definition.  If you don't have this option, then we have not created a SD copy.  You can request an SD copy if its needed.  High Definition video can use up to 3.5 mbps of download speed.   If your bandwidth is slower, you should switch to SD, which requires 1.8 mbps.  

Watching Clips

Use the 1,2,3 keys on your keyboard to navigate the Clip Player or Clip Navigator. 

1: Previous Clip

2: Repeat Current Clip

3: Next clip



 Start a Telestrator project.   A still image is created and loaded into our Telestrator drawing tool (shapes, text, error, spot shadow, etc).



  While watching video, you can drop a Pin at any moment you would like to save and come back to later. Once you've dropped a pin, you can give it a name, or click the link to return to that exact spot in the video.  Pins are also visible on the video editor page, so you can go to the exact sport for creating clips.   Players and Coaches can create pins, which are private. 


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