Uploading from camera SD card or internal memory


When uploading the video files from a camera's internal memory or SD card the video files can be somewhat hidden.

This is an example of finding the video files from a Canon camera and using the basic upload tool.

In this view we are in a finder window and selected the SD card under "Devices." 

We then selected the "private" folder to reveal the "AVCHD" folder.


The "AVCHD" folder can be tricky because if you double click it a video will play in quicktime because this AVCHD folder is acting as a reference file for the actual video files hidden within.

To open the AVCHD folder, ctrl click and select "show package contents."

**note--in windows the AVCHD folder displays as a normal folder**


The next page reveals yet another hidden folder "BDMV" which you will need to ctrl click to select "show package contents."


Finally we arrive at the final set of folder.  Select "Stream" to reveal the video files.


You can then select the file(s) and drag them to the basic upload tool page shown below.


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