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Copy Video Overview

You are able to make a copy of video that you uploaded to your library.  The copy feature can also be used to send a copy of a video to another team.  This is different from an Express Exchange or Premium Exchange in that the team who receives a copy has full ownership of the video.  For example, a video that was exchanged rather then copied cannot be used by the receiving team to exchange for additional video from other teams.  Copies, however, provide full ownership to the receiving team which will allow them to exchange the video.  

Copy Video Recommendations

  • For normal exchanges it is recommended to continue to use the Express Exchange and Premium Exchange features
  • If uploading video as a tournament host it may make sense to use the copy video feature to provide full ownership videos to the participants
  • Creating copies for your team's use may be beneficial if you had the players edit a copy while the coaches edited the original


Copy Video Steps

At the video player page select the Share/Exchange Button

At the next page expand the Copy Video section using the arrow

Expanded view

Make your selections for the copy

  1. Sport - The default setting will be for the sport your team is in but you can change this if you are wanting to send a copy to another sport/team.
  2. Copy to Team - Select a team from the dropdown where you are sending a copy to.  In this example we are copying the video to our own account so the selection shows our team, TeamXStream U M Lacrosse.
  3. Copy to Team - If you are making more then one copy you can select another team with this drop down menu.
  4. Send Video Copies - Click this button to send the copies, this action cannot be reversed.


A history of your copies sent for each video will display below


Please contact if you have any questions about the Copy Video function.

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