Official Coordinator access to add officials


Once designated as an official coordinator (contact to request access) you will have the ability to add officials to games that you oversee.  The coach will still need to share the game with the added officials as they upload the game.

Here are the steps to add officials to games as an official coordinator:

1) From the home video library page, in the Quick Access section to the right, select "Assign Officials"


2) This brings you to the Master Schedule page. Find the game that you would like to add officials to and select the # in the Game Official column to proceed to the adding page.  If no officials have been added for a game this # will be 0 and there will not be any names listed in the Crew Details column.

3) The next page will allow you to add the officials.  In the middle section click the small up arrow to add the first official.



4) The search box displays, search for the official by last name and click "Search." Then select the correct official from the search results.

If you cannot find the official after searching you can add them using the drop-down box to the right of the previous page. Enter the official's name and email address then click "Create Account"  When you go back to the search window the official will be found.  When you add an official they receive an email to activate their TXS account to view videos.

5) The official will display as "Official #1"  To save this official you can click "Save"  Prior to saving you can also add a title for the official or add additional officials to the game.  Once you are finished click "Save"

6) The official(s) that you saved will appear to the left, they are now added to the game.  You can click "Done" to exit.  If you need to remove an official that you added just click the trash can icon.

7) After click done you can see that the official you just added is now displayed in the Master Schedule page.


Please contact if you have any questions about this process.


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