Player Tagging


Player Tagging is used to "tag" players to corresponding game actions that are clipped.  Another way to describe it is as a descriptor for a given clip.  Player Tagging helps to easily show a player all of their individual game contributions or areas to work on across 1 or more games.  It allows for more detailed analysis of player improvements and trends.


The basics--

For this article we will reference the code windows below.  The top code window is the main code window in which clips will be created.  The code window below it labeled Player Tagging contains the jersey #s and names of the players of this demo account.


To demonstrate player tagging we will select the "Defending" button.

This clip will be indicated between the code windows as the "recent clip" which is the clip that you will be adding player tagging to.


Next click the player tagging buttons for the player(s) that were part of the Defensive Play. In this example there were 3 players involved in the play: #18 Field, #11 Smith, #23 Rock.


 Looking at the clip history just below the video you will see this recent clip "Defensive Play" and the 3 players that have been tagged to the clip.







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