Modify Trade (Trade Agreements Report)


To modify a trade first access the trade via the Trade Agreements Report.

Go to Exchange>Trade Agreements Report


Click the modify icon for a trade that you would like to adjust.


This brings you to the modify trade page:


In section "1" from the image above you can modify the videos that you would like to send and/or receive.

If you don't see a video that you are looking for adjust the settings in section "2" to display more choices.



In this example we chose to uncheck (remove) 2 videos that we will be sending to the other team.  We also removed 1 of the videos we were requesting from them.

After making adjustments click "Save Trade Agreement."  

Your new selections will display, if correct click "Yes, Continue" in section "3."

You will then proceed to the next page to submit your approval.


Deleting a trade: expand section "4" to reveal the "Delete Trade" button.  Select this button to delete the trade.


Message your trade partner: to send a message to the other team regarding this trade use the messaging area in section "5."

Type your message and click "Save."  A dialogue record for the messages regarding this trade will be found here.



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