Attaching the video to approved trade agreements

Attaching the video to approved trade agreements
During Upload
When uploading a game that has an associated approved trade agreement the final step to send this video to your trade agreement is to move the slider next to "Trade Agreement" from No to Yes.  Please see the screenshot example below:
After Upload
If the video you are exchanging has already been uploaded you will need to complete the step above accessible from the sharing page.
Access the video via the blue cloud icon .
Go to the sharing page via this button .
Then move the slider next to the trade agreement from No to Yes and click Save Changes; the video will be sent.
From the Trade Agreement Report
Go to to the Exchange Tab and select Trade Agreements Report.
Select the approved trade via the red arrow 
This takes you to the trade completion page--
1- In the bottom section there is a blue "share" hyperlink which takes you to the sharing page for the video that needs to be shared to complete the sharing process as described above.
2- Next to "share" is "view" which can be helpful if you have multiple videos uploaded under the same game's name.  Clicking "view" will take you to the video player to help confirm which video file is the one you want to share.
3- This area shows the videos that you need to share per the agreement.  If the video has been shared "Yes" will display.
4- These areas show the videos that have been shared per the agreement both the videos you shared as well as your trade partner.
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