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Clip Player Viewing for Players- Hiding Rows from TeamXStream on Vimeo.

After editing video on TeamXStream or importing a timeline many coaches choose to share these edits with players but may want to omit certain rows.

Step 1: Access the clip player

There are two ways to access the clip player.

You can quickly access the clip player directly from the video library by clicking the # of clips found in the "Access Clips" column of the specific video's row:

If you are already playing the video you can simply select the Clip Player button:


Step 2: Select "Hide Rows" in the Timeline box

Then at the bottom of the timeline click this button . Note-you may need to scroll to the bottom row of your timeline view to see this button.


Step 3: Choose the row(s) to hide

In the example below we chose to hide the row "GK SAVE" by clicking the "hide row" link next to it.  This can always be reversed by clicking the "show row" link.



Step 4: Ensure that the clip player is shared with players

Go to the sharing page for the video using this button  from the video viewing page.

Sharing with All Players

Ensure that the toggle switches next to "Players" and "Clip Player (for players)" both say "Yes."  If they do not move the toggle(s) to Yes and click Save Changes.

Note-if you shared your video with players during the upload process the toggle to share the clip player with the players will still need to be switched to Yes once you are ready to share the clips. 

Sharing with Specific Players

If you are choosing to share this video and clips with a select player or players follow these steps.

This time when you reach the sharing page ensure that the toggle switch next to "Players" says "No."  If Yes is displayed move the toggle to No and click Save Changes.

Further down the sharing page click the "Share with Specific Players" button to choose the players you'd like to share this video and clip player with.

 At the next screen use the plus sign to share the video/clip player to the player in that row.  A star will appear next to their name in the "Shared" column. You can also unshare the video from any player using the minus sign.

For this example we are sharing the video/clip player with two players.

Once you are finished click the button to return to the video sharing page.  Now the Share with Specific Players section will display the players that have access to this video/clip player.




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