Catalyst Upload Troubleshooting


This article addresses the troubleshooting of the Catalyst Transfer Agent if it shows this error:

"A connection could not be established to one or more remote FileCatalyst Servers. Since no transfer is possible, the UI has been disabled. To retry later, simply refresh this page. If the problem persists, contact the organization managing this web application"

In order to resolve the issue we will need the Catalyst Logs which is a file that can be attached to a support ticket.

Please follow these steps to obtain this log file:

Step 1: Access the Catalyst configuration page.

On Windows the Transfer Agent is located in the quick launch area. First click the up arrow in the start bar and then right click the Transfer Agent icon to see the options.

Then select "Open Configuration."

The Configuration page will now display in your internet browser.

To access the logs select "Reveal" on the Log Location row.  This will direct you to the folder on your computer where the logs are stored.

Then select the recent log which will be a text document.  Attach this log to a support ticket which will allow us to work to solve the error.


 Attaching a file to a support ticket--

Create a new support ticket: TeamXStream>Create a Ticket

Fill in the fields and attach the log file at the bottom of the ticket:


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