Saving a Video to Long Term Storage


Video uploaded to TeamXStream stays online for 18 months, assuming the account stays open with a paid plan.  18 months after a video is uploaded, it will age-out and no longer be available.   If you would like to keep a video indefinitely, you can choose to put the video in "Long Term Storage".  When in long term storage, the video will not age-out of the system.  

We provide long term storage in blocks of hours.   When you renew your TeamXStream account, you have the option to add long term storage, and how many hours you would like to use.  The cost is $3 per hour, so for example 50 hours of long-term storage would cost $150 for the year.

** You do not need to buy long term storage for the first year of TeamXStream due to our 18 months policy.

Once you have purchased a block of long term storage hours (see this article), you can keep specific videos indefinitely.

To save a video to long term storage:

1. Access the video from the video library page.

2. View the video's details from the menu.

3. On the lower right side there is a button called "Keep this file in Long Term Storage." Click this button to save the video to long term storage which will save the video indefinitely.



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