Using Hotkeys to Improve Editing Efficiency

Using Hotkeys to Improve Editing Efficiency
Rather than having hotkeys all over the place (S-shot, T-Tackle, I-interception), consider putting certain actions or themes grouped together on different sides of the keyboard. This way your hands remain on the keyboard, as they would for someone who’s learned how to type properly. The other simple solution is using K for one action and shift K for a related or opposing team same action (S- shot for, shift S- shot against)
Use below to help determine the areas you’d want to edit/analyze and the keyboard photo for possible ways to organize. It might be different for a Lefty vs Righty or if you have a keyboard with numbers panel, which gives you additional options. 
 Concepts to Analyze & Hotkey Options:
 Are you looking at Team/Individuals, Qualities, Themes or Spaces?
 There are repeats of hotkeys, but its to give you different ideas of how to use.
Scoring Chances- O / Scoring Chance vs- Shift-O
Goals- For- P / Goals Against- Shift P
Attacking Set Pieces- K
Defensive Set Pieces- Shift-K
Corners For-L  / Corners vs- Shift-L
Transition- M- offensive / Shift- M defensive  
Or for analyzing your team/individuals:
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