Clip Database


Cilp Database from TeamXStream on Vimeo.

View all clips, edit clips, and add clips to movie maker projects.

In order to access all of your saved clips you can go to the Clip Database via the Video tab:


Here is a screenshot of the Clip Database homepage. From here you can watch, download, and edit clips.

Click the red arrow to watch the clip.  From this window you can add comments or select edit clip for editing options.

Editing options from the clip player:

Select the orange down arrow to download the clip which will take you to the download screen.  It will take a moment for the file to be prepped for download and then you can select the orange icon to proceed with the download.


Select the edit clip iconfrom the clip database homepage to quickly view editable areas of the clip. This includes the basic details of the clip, the ability to add the clip to a movie project, label the clip, or add to highlights.


In the end, the Clip Database will allow you to quickly manage and view your clip history.

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