Adding Labels to Clip Edits


Labels can be added to codes to indicate which player or official made the chosen play.  The labels can also be used in any other ways teams see fit.

First, access a video and go to the editing page.

If you have made some edits your clips will show below and there will be a green "add labels" button on the clip line.  Select this button to add labels.

To the right will display a field to add labels to this button.  Indicate what labels you would like to add and then select "Save labels." For this example we are adding a label to the "Goal For" clip.

Once the label has been added you can see the label in the clip's row.


When building a code window you can make a selection to have clip label choices automatically include players and/or officials.  The result would be when you select "add labels" a list of players' names will appear.  You can also create a custom label list for any given code. Here is what would appear if the "Goal For" button had players assigned as labels automatically.

To set this up go to the code window manager.

Then select edit all buttons.

Locate the Code that you are making the changes to and change the No to Yes under the players as labels column.

To add custom labels to a button use the area on the right hand side, choose your labels, and then select which button they will be assigned to.


In the end, adding labels will help to further define events withing a given game.



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