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This article covers the basics of the clip player.  Clips are created by coding completed within the video editor or from imported timelines. 

There are two primary ways to access the clip player.

You can quickly access the clip player directly from the video library by clicking the # of clips found in the "Access Clips" column of the specific video's row:

If you are already playing the video you can simply select the Clip Player button:

Once you access the clip player here is an overview shot of what you will see:

The basics of the video player itself are the same as the standard and editor player.  However the clips player offers many additional features.

Taking a look at the upper left hand side here are the options broken down:

To the right of the video are the clip details; if you select Edit Clip the following options are available: 

Below the video you will find the timeline organized by row. Each row represents a specific code that was used to edit the video.  The timeline length is determined by which parts of the video were edited.  Click on a clip (in orange) to play that clip.  Click on the row name to play the entire row.

Finally, to the lower right of the video player you will find the Movie Maker quick tool allowing for creation of a new movie maker project or adding to a current project.  You can add entire rows or individual clips from here.

Then add row(s) or clip(s)--

Please be sure to contact TeamXStream support by opening a ticket via the green tab on the right of the screen if you need any additional assistance.





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