The Matrix - Clip & Label Search Tool


The Matrix from TeamXStream on Vimeo.

Quickly analyze multiple videos through an in depth search of codes and labels.

If you code your video with "codes & labels" the Matrix view allows you to be more specific when analyzing video and watching well defined sets of clips.

Use the Matrix to search through all of your coded/edited video. You can search by codes and/or labels and find very specific bits of video to watch in our Clip Player.

Start by selecting games, then drill down into the codes and labels to watch the video. To watch video, click anywhere in the table.

The results of your Matrix Search will be displayed at the bottom (scroll down). The column/row headers can be clicked to watch all events.

Access the Matrix from the Video tab:


Select game(s) the click "save events." Then select code(s) and click "Search."  Your results will then be displayed and you can quickly access the specific clips you were looking for.



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