Build Wishlist for Premium Exchange


Build your wishlist to help identify the games you want to use for scouting your upcoming opponents. We show you how much time you have to prepare, and if the game allows you to scout both teams.

Once you've built your wishlist, you can request the games directly from your wishlist, or you can go back to the Premium Exchange tool to build your trades manually.


Step 1: Access Build Wishlist from the Premium Exchange homepage.


Step 2: Build Wishlist

This will take you to the Build Wishlist homepage (below).  From here you can select the opponent you would like to scout and then if there are available games they will show up below.  You can then indicate your interest in the potential game which begins your wishlist. Once you are ready to initiate a trade you can go back to the Premium Exchange tool or request the game directly from the wishlist.



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