Merge files in the correct order


TeamXStream offers file merging or file joining for all plans.  With this feature, you can upload your game in pieces, and we will put them together into a single MP4 file for sharing/streaming/etc.

Naming files to merge in the correct order:

Camcorder Files

If your camera splits the the game into pieces, it will create files that are named sequentially.   So we know what order they should be be in. 

Example of camcorder files:

  • 00001.mts
  • 00002.mts
  • 00003.mts
  • 00004.mts
  • We will put these in the correct order without any trouble. 

Renamed files

If you rename the files, they might end up in the wrong order.  Here is an example of a game that will not come out correctly. 

  • first_half.mp4
  • overtime.mp4
  • second half.mp4
  • Overtime will be in the middle based on the file name, which is incorrect. Rather, you should name the files in such a way as to avoid confusion. 


  • period1.mp4
  • period2.mp4
  • period3.mp4

Another Example:

  • file01.mp4
  • file02.mp4
  • file03.mp4
  • file04.mp4
  • file05.mp4
  • file06.mp4
  • file07.mp4
  • file08.mp4
  • file09.mp4
  • file10.mp4
  • file10.mp4
  • file11.mp4
  • Notice the use of zeros, I did this because there are more than 9 clips that need to be merged.

A bad example:

  • file10.mp4
  • file11.mp4
  • file2.mp4
  • file3.mp4
  • these will be out of order because there are no leading zeros before the 2 and the 3.

Steps to merge files:

During the upload process be sure to select the merge files option to ensure that the files are merged.

Simple Game Upload (select Yes next to Merge Files and press continue):


Advanced Upload (select Merge files and press continue):




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