Code Window - Initial Settings


If you are new to the TeamXStream Video Editor, we have taken some steps to make your life easier.  We have created a default Code Window with a variety of generic buttons and hotkeys.   



This gives you something to work with and get started using the Video Editor.   You can modify the default code window, OR you can create your own code windows that correspond with how you like to code video.  Consider this a "starter" code window, but you can expand and elaborate as you see fit.

Some of the buttons are 1-click, which means the clip is created with default lead and lag times.   Others are 2-click buttons, which means you must identify the start and end times for each cilp. 

Many of the buttons have hot-keys setup, for example the Goal For button has the hot key (c).  Be sure you turn on hot keys before trying them.


Click here to learn more about building code windows. 


Click here for sport specific code window examples.


Please contact if you have additional questions about setting up and using code windows.




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