NFHCA Video Exchange Agreement



July 14, 2014


The NFHCA will utilize an Open Video Exchange hosted by TeamXStream. Participation is mandatory for all Division I members of the NFHCA and is optional for all Division II and Division III members. Upon agreeing to participate in this program, members agree to follow all rules and guidelines as outlined in this agreement.

All conference rules and/or guidelines will supersede the NFHCA Video Exchange Agreement.

Violation of the NFHCA’s Video Exchange Agreement will be reviewed by the NFHCA Office. Should issues of non-compliance arise, the institution in question may be locked out of the NFHCA Video Exchange Program temporarily and/or for an extended period of time.


General Guidelines


  1. Division I members are required to release all games to every opponent on that season’s game schedule. Requests for film beyond this are at the discretion of each institution.
  2. In Division I, all games are to be filmed using an HD camera and using HD settings. An HD camera is to be used in Division II and Division III, when possible.
  3. All game film must be uploaded to TeamXStream and posted to the Open Exchange, which will provide streaming and download access.
  4. In Division I, the Home Team shall be responsible for uploading each game by midnight on the same day as the match. In Division II and III, the Home Team shall be responsible for uploading each game within 24 hours of the match. If there are circumstances that do not allow this to happen, a staff member MUST communicate with the opponent prior to the exchange deadline to explain the situation.
  5. If playing at a neutral site, the school designated as the Home Team in the scorebook shall be responsible for the video upload.
  6. The Away Team shall not be responsible for uploading film, but may do so voluntarily or if asked to by the Home Team due to an unexpected issue or malfunction in the Home Team’s filming or uploading.
  7. All in game action must be taped from the start of the match and shall include corners, strokes, overtime play, and shootouts, when necessary. Timeouts, halftime, and injury timeouts need not be included.
  8. All videos shall include sound and shall include all team announcements.
  9. All videos shall be taped from an elevated, midfield or end zone perspective. All players and their respective jersey numbers must be visible.
  10. All videos shall reference the scoreboard during breaks in the action, after goals, at the end of the first half, and at the end of the game.
  11. Streamed video or TV copies are not acceptable for the upload.
  12. To utilize the Open Exchange, you must accept the terms and conditions on the TeamXStream website. If your conference does not allow you to use the Open Exchange, do not accept the terms and conditions.



Film Capture Requirements

View this article to better understand the HD & SD settings that should be used. Division I is required to upload 720p or 1080p quality video.


Getting Started

Here are two helpful articles for getting started.

Getting Started Guide

Open Exchange

Login Page

Support & Education

Ordering Page (see details below)


Ordering and Pricing

As part of this agreement, NFHCA members will have access to the following discount pricing. To view TeamXStream plan details, please CLICK HERE.  

                               List Price       NFHCA cost

            TXS-5             $350               $300

            TXS-20           $700               $600

            TXS-60           $1000             $850

            TXS-200         $1400             $1200




TeamXStream Contact

Hershey Strosberg


For support inquiries, email

NFHCA Contact

Jennifer Goodrich


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