Using the TXS-Drive on


The TXS-Drive is integrated into the TeamXStream website, which means your files can be accessed by going to the TeamXStream menu (at the top) and selecting the TXS-Drive option.  


Here you will see all of your files & folders listed in a hierarchy, so you can search through individual folders.  Coaches have access to all folder and all files, but you can control what Players and Support Staff can see. 

Here is an example of the top level folder, where I've created several folders, a Team folder as well as individual Player folders. 


I've made the Team folder open to all Players and all Support Staff by clicking the Edit icon.  You can also remove access by click the "Hide" buttons. 


You can share folders and files with Individual users or with ALL Players and ALL Support Staff.  

Here is an example of my individual Player folders.   I would give each player access to his/her specific folder only.  This is a great way of sharing files with specific players while keeping it private from everyone else.



IMPORTANT: By default, every folder is Private.  Which means that coaches have access, but players and support staff must be given access, otherwise they will not see the folder or its contents.   This is true for EVERY folder. 



While coaches can install the TXS-Drive Desktop application on there Mac or Windows computer, others can be given this privilege as well.   If you to to the Team Members page, you can give the "TXS-Drive Desktop" privilege to other Support Staff.   You should refrain from giving the TXS-Drive Desktop to players because it gives them full read/write access to your Cube. 



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