Install the TXS-Drive Desktop on Windows


The TXS-Drive Desktop is a software program that you can install on your computer to have direct access to the Files you are storing on TeamXStream.   We have partnered with a company called ExpanDrive to deliver this cutting edge solution.

The procedure to install the TXS-Drive Desktop is listed below, it should take less < 5 minutes to complete.

Login to TeamXStream and go to the TeamXStream menu at the top.  Select the "TXS-Drive" option.  If you don't go to the download page automatically, then click the "TXS-Drive Desktop" button in the right hand corner of the page.

Click the link to download the TXS-Drive Desktop for Windows.  Depending on your browser, you might see something like this.   You will want to Save the File.



Depending on your browser, you will see something like this under your Downloads.    This screenshot came from Firefox, but you can use Internet Explorer or Chrome.  You will want to double click on the file to start the installer (exe file).



You might be asked if you want to Run the file.   You will want to click Run (or its equivalent). 



Accept the "terms" and click Install.



The installer will proceed an should finish in < 1 minute. 



The installed completed.  Otherwise take a screenshot and send it to for assistance.


Check the box to "Launch ExpanDrive" and click Finish.



ExpanDrive runs as a program on your computer, and you can access it in the System Tray in one of the corners of your screen (depending on how you have laid out your task bar).

When you click on the ExpanDrive icon, you'll see a configuration screen pop up, it will look like this.



Enter your username and password.   This is NOT your www.TeamXStream login.  This login information is available in your www.TeamXStream account on the TXS-Drive Desktop page.  You can either type in the values, but we recommend that you copy & paste the values into the username and password fields.   

The nickname is automatically "TeamXStream TXS-Drive" but you can change this is if you desire.   If you are setting up multiple TXS-Drives, you would want to change the names to avoid conflict.   For example, you could use "TeamXStream FHockey" and "TeamXStream WLAX" if you coach both teams.

You can pick a "drive letter" or leave it as the default.  

Check "reconnect at login" to save yourself time down the road. 

Click Save and then Connect. 


Above you can see the TXS-Drive Desktop connecting to your account on TeamXStream. This should complete in a few seconds, at which point you'll see your team's TXS-Drive folder. 



As you can see above, I have a Cube on the "Z" drive and I have put a file in the TXS-Drive.   The file is called "myfile.txt" as an example.   

You are ready to use your team's TXS-Drive.   You can copy any regular file to the cube, or you can place them in Folders.   

Don't forget, you can also access your TXS-Drive on the TeamXStream website by going to the TeamXStream menu and selecting TXS-Drive.   All of your files and folders are accessible through the website, plus you can setup the security on your folders so your Players and Support Staff can access the files.   

We hope you get tremendous value from the TXS-Drive.   As always, please let us know if you have any issues, suggestions, or concerns.



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