What is the Premium Exchange Scout Agent?


The "Scout Agent" is the main building block of our Premium Film Exchange feature.   

When TeamXStream was first created, we were attempting to solve many of the problems related to film exchange and make it a much more efficient process.   Teams would describe their process to us, and it was almost always the same story.     Coaches would spend days trying to figure out who to exchange film with and then more time building trade agreements with other schools.   The process was tedious and error prone.  Coaches would take their schedule (and the schedules of all of their opponents) and try to make sense of it. 

Enter the Premium Exchange and the Scout Agent.   The Scout Agent program evaluates your schedule and finds every possible trading scenario and lays it out for you in a simple manner.  It does the work in seconds, saving the coaches several days worth of work. 

The Scout Agent presents all of the trading possibilities so you easily create all of your trades for the season.   You pick a team to trade with (a "trade partner") and then select which games you would like to receive.   The Scout Agent also shows you the games that you can send to your trade partner in return.  So you can see the complete trade at a glance. 

The Scout Agent makes it extremely easy to see the trading possibilities and helps coaches create trades that make sense for both parties.  The Premium Exchange tools further automates the process by creating the trades and requesting approval from both parties until an agreement is reached.   Once a trade is agreed upon by both parties, all you have to do is play your games and upload your film.  The film exchanges happen automatically.  

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