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Create custom movies of your clips.


This is a great tool to organize & create movies for presentations.   You can upload your games, edit the games, import your timelines, and create custom movies using the Movie Maker.  This article focuses on the last step, creating movies with our Movie Maker.

What is it?

The Movie Maker works with our Video Editor and Clip Player tools to allow you to create custom movies by pulling in various clips from  your clip database.  You can grab any clip and include it in your custom movie.  This allows you to make scouting movies, or yourself or your upcoming opponents, or create highlight reels.   

A custom movie contains 1 or more clips, assembled in the order of your choosing, which can be watched through TeamXStream or exported as a "standalone movie" that can be watched offline or used as part of other video processes.  

How do I use it?

There are several ways to get to the Movie Maker. You can create a new project by going to the Movie Maker Projects link under the Video menu.   


You create a project with a name and an optional description, and then you can begin adding clips to the movie. 


The other way to create a new movie is from the Clip Player.  There is a window on the lower right hand side which allows for easy access to create a new movie or add to an existing movie.


How does it work? 

There are numerous ways to interact with the Movie Maker.   The easiest way is through the Clip Player.   This assumes you have already created (or imported) the clips from your game or practice.  From within the clip player, you can add an individual clip to a movie, or you can select an  entire row (clips with the same name/code).  

First, select a movie you already created or create a new one.

Second, you can click "Add Current Clip" or you can "Add an entire row".  Both will load 1 or more clips into your custom movie.  



Once you've added clips to a movie, they will show up in a list, grouped by name.  In this example, I've added a clip labeled "misconduct."


You can view/edit the movie by clicking the Open Project button.

Then click Edit Project to enter the editing site.  View project will play the movie. 


Notice that the clip has been added. On this page, you can click the Edit button to put clips into a different order.   You can also add comments or notes to each clip, which show up visually when the clip is being played.  




If you wish to continue adding more clips to this movie, you should go into Movie Builder Mode.   This allows you go to to various videos in your Library and continue adding clips.  You will stay in Movie Builder mode until you choose to exit or switch to a different movie. 


Now if you go back into your Clip Player, the system will keep you in this specific movie.



There are various other ways to add clips to a movie...

You can go to the Clip Database page, search for clips by name or label, and chose the Edit option.  From there, you add those clips to the movie individually.  



You can go to a specific video in your Video Library, click the "Details" icon, and add clips to a movie from there, either individually or in bulk. 


 Choose "Add Clips to a Movie" from the Additional Options dropdown.


Lastly, you can go to the Movie Maker page (under the Video Menu) and choose the Edit option.  From there, you can add clip rows to a movie in bulk by selecting a code name and which game to pull the clips from.  This will load all of the matching clips into your movie.  This would be helpful if you want to have a running Highlight reel of "Attacking" (for example).  



Export Video

In order to export your final project to your Video Library use the "Export to Video Library" function on the movie make home page.

Name the project, choose the number of months to keep the video online and then select Export.



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