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Use the TXS-Drive to share documents between players, coaches, and support staff.
Attach documents to individual videos.

Welcome to TXS-Drive, TeamXStream's new file sharing system that is part of the next evolution of our platform.  In addition to video management, we can now help teams with all of their file sharing needs and provide a common place for all of your data. 

What is it?

  • TXS-Drive is a private file sharing system that can be used by your team. 
  • TXS-Drive is a network share, hosted and managed by TeamXStream, and accessible from anywhere on the web.  The storage is in the TeamXStream cloud, but it looks to you like a local file system.
  • TXS-Drive is a Desktop Application, used by coaches to manage team related documents.   
  • TXS-Drive is a web application, accessible through the TeamXStream website, where your coaches, support staff, and athletes can have secure access to documents, files, and folders. 
  • TXS-Drive is a video upload tool, capable of putting video into your Video Library and converting it into HD and SD copies. 

How does it work?

TXS-Drive is built into the TeamXStream platform, giving access to your files directly through our website.   You can control who has access to files & folders, using our simple security policies which you can setup for your team.  

You can also install our TXS-Drive Desktop application (powered by our partner, ExpanDrive) so you can have local access to all of your files without loging into our website.  The TXS-Drive Desktop is for coaches only, as it has full access.  

Support Staff and Players have access to documents based upon what is shared with them, so you have complete control. 

How can it help us?

  • Access to your files from anywhere using
  • Access to your files locally (on your computer) using the Cube Desktop. 
  • An intuitive interface for searching through all of your files and finding those hard-to-find documents. 
  • Secure access to files for your Athletes and Support Staff.   They only see what they are supposed to see. 
  • Upload your video directly into your video library without leaving your desktop. 
  • Create private folders for each of your athletes, so you can share information directly.  
  • Create team folders that are accessible to the entire team.  Sharing info could not be easier. 
  • Not every school can afford an internal "network share" from their IT department, so we've added that to our coaching tools
  • Get the support you need from TeamXStream. 

What is the cost?

With any TXS plan, you get free access to the TXS-Drive with storage up to 1 GB.  Upgrade to the 100 GB of storage for $150 for the entire year.

Additional Info

With the new release of the TeamXStream website, it was clear that we needed to offer the ability for teams to share team-related documents, and it needed to be built right into the TeamXStream platform.  

The design of the TXS-Drive was to seamlessly share team-related documents within your coaching and support staff, while then sharing with the team or individual players via their TeamXStream online account. 

Coaches will install the TXS-Drive Desktop application that links into their TXS-Drive, similar to other cloud based sharing, but from there we made it coaching specific and user friendly. There aren't limitations on upload file size, which makes life easier for users.  While we're recommending that video be shared via the TXS site, this is also where players can view or download anything you share via the TXS-Drive. 

While our upload process has improved with our new release, another key feature is the ability to upload video directly into your Video Libary ("drag 'n drop" style).

When you startup with your TXS-Drive, a "video library import" folder is already created for you. When a video file is placed in that folder, its automatically put into the Video Library and converted. Next time you log into your account, you'll need to add the necessary information like before, so it is put into the proper library for future use.  

With this additional capability, now ALL the important information and videos that your staff would need to access at home or on the road, are all in one place whenever you need. 

How do I get Started?
As usual, we've got you covered with our How To Guides.   
Install the TXS-Drive Desktop on Mac
Install the TXS-Drive Desktop on Windows 
Use the TXS-Drive on


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