Importing your GameBreaker/Sportscode clips (timeline)

There is an easy way to share your GameBreaker codes with your team on TeamXStream. We will walk you through the steps.

Step 1: Upload the video to TeamXStream

The first step is to upload your video to TeamXStream. Read our other documentation that goes into depth on this topic. Once you have uploaded the video, it will show up in your Video Library. We will also process the video and create web-streaming copies.

Step 2: Code your Game in GameBreaker / Sportscode

This is the step where you code your game. This creates your timeline with many instances (clips) that you can share with your team. The next step will get your codes OUT of GameBreaker and onto TeamXStream.

Step 3: Export your timeline

From the File menu, choose Export -> SportsCode XML. This will create a special file that tells us about your instances (clips) for your game or practice video. You need to give this file a name so you can find it later. The file will automatically be names with ".xml" at the end. Many customers choose to put this on their desktop so its easy to find.

Step 4: Go to the video

Login to the TeamXStream and go to your Video Library under the (Video) menu. Select the game from your video library.

Step 5: Import your timeline into TeamXStream

Once you have picked the video from your Video Library, you can choose the option import your timeline.

See the screenshot below.


Now click the button to upload a new file "Upload a new XML Edit List".


You now need to find the XML file (created in step 3 above). Click where it says "Select files" and find the XML file in the location where you saved it (eg. desktop). You can also give these codes a name if you want, but this is optional. Once you have selected the XML file, click "Save Codes". Note, do not pick the "TLCODES" file from within the GameBreaker package, as this is a common mistake.

Click "Upload to TeamXStream now". This will upload the XML file and process it, creating all of the clips.


Step 6: Watch your clips online

Now that you have uploaded the video (step 1) and attached the codes (step 5), you are ready to watch the clips online. Go back to your video and select the Clip Player icon.

From here, you can see your game broken using your code information.

You can watch individual clips by clicking on the clip.  Or you can play the entire set of clips for a specific code by clicking "Play All".

For each clip, we show you the start-time and end-time as it relates to the full length video.  You can also move through the clips using the Next and Previous buttons.


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