Are DVDs good for sharing video?


At TeamXStream, we receive alot of video from our clients.  We see the good, the bad, and the ugly.  

Video from a DVD is noticeably worse quality than standalone video files.  The best video quality is straight from the camcorder.  When video is burned to a DVD, some quality is lost.  When video is ripped from the DVD, more quality is lost

If you can avoid using DVDs and can instead get the raw camcorder footage, you will notice better video quality. 

If your camcorder has a memory stick, you can upload the video from the memory stick directly to TeamXStream.   The quality will difference should be noticeable.

If your athletic department films the games for you, ask for the video on a flash drive instead of a DVD.   Flash cards are very cheap and portable, and they usually plug into your computer using USB.


Example of DVD Video


Example of Camcorder Video


The quality of the camcorder video (HD) is substantially clearer.



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