Live Capture settings for GameBreaker


If you use Live Capture for GameBreaker or Sportscode, you will benefit from the following information.

If you live capture in "Apple Intermediate" format, you will have to convert your video before uploading to TeamXStream.   You can do this with an Export from the GameBreaker file menu, but this is quite slow (several hours).

Notice the export above is taking over 4 hours.

As an alternative, you could use Elgato to convert your video to H.264 prior to uploading (see our Elgato How To Guide).   This can be much faster then exporting directly from GameBreaker, this is because Elgato uses an "accelerator".

The best option is to live capture in H.264 mode rather than Apple Intermediate.  You would pick this option from the live capture setup window prior to starting the capture.  For example, you should choose the H.264 HD 720 option.

Pros & Cons:  Apple Intermediate is a much larger file, but the quality might be slightly better than H.264.  However, other computers, such as those at TeamXStream, cannot read the Apple Intermediate format.   If you insist on using Apple Intermediate format, you might want to invest in an Elgato Turbo device because its faster then exporting.



If you choose to live capture with H.264, you should also modify your preferences for live capture. 



And go to the "Capture" settings.



Click the "Create single movie file after capture" option.   This will create a standalone H.264 file that is perfect for uploading to TeamXStream. 

This could save you a few hours each and every time.

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