Can I share video with Officials/Referees?



Can I share video with Officials/Referees?

Yes, it's easy to send your video to an official. Find the video in your video library and continue to the Video page. Under the Share/Exchange Video area, look for the option to move the slider to Yes to share the video with the officials assigned to the game.  The number of officials added to a game is listed next to the Game Officials toggle.  You can review who is added and make changes using the "manage" link; see further instructions below.


If Game Officials haven't been added to the game click the "manage" link next to the toggle.

This will take you to the next screen where you can search our database for the official by entering their last name. 

If you cannot find the official, then you can add them using the name and email address. This will setup an account under their name and email them the activation information.

After adding the officiating team for the game the crew will be listed on the left hand side of this page.  If you need to remove an official press the trash can icon next to their name.  Once the crew is updated press the "Done" to return to the game sharing page.

Once the crew is added return to the video to complete the sharing by moving the slider next to Game Officials from No to Yes and clicking Save Changes.



Please contact for any questions about this process.

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