Elgato Video Converter and Compressor


Some TeamXStream clients choose to use Elgato Turbo to process their video before uploading to the network, especially teams that use GameBreaker. It's available for Mac computers only.

You can use the Elgato Turbo software with or without the USB conversion stick. The only difference is the speed in which the video is converted. The USB stick acts as an accelerator to make the conversion go faster.


There are several benefits to doing using Elgato Turbo to pre-process your video: 

  • The file will be compressed (smaller) which means it will upload and download faster.
  • The video will be in a format that we love (h.264).
  • It supports hi-def video.
  • It can pull GameBreaker video out of the package and into a separate (standalone) file (see writeup below).
  • It will process faster when received by the Film Exchange Network. 
    Using Elgato Turbo is a very easy process. Once installed on your Mac, you just have to open Elgato Turbo and pull files into it. Once you click Start, it will convert your video for you. 

    There are various built-in settings that you can use, depending on your preferences. You can use the 720p or 1080p settings for high definition. You can also use the Apple TV settings.

    You can also create your own "custom setting" if you want more control over the video. For example, you could change the dimensions of the video or you can change the data rate. If you set the data rate to 1500, then the video will process on Film Exchange Network immediately (no wait). Anything higher will require processing before the file will be available for online streaming. If you create custom settings, you should pick 1500 kbps or 3000 kbps, anything higher is likely overkill.

    Here are some screenshots to help you understand Elgato better.

    Elgato is open and ready for video.

    After loading a file...

    I created a new Format called "Film Exchange Network". I set the dimensions and data rate to my own custom settings. 

    I changed my preferences to store the new video in the same folder as the source video. The preferences can be changed under the Turbo.264 menu, select Preferences.

    If you are using GameBreaker, you will want to use Elgato to pull the video out of the GameBreaker package and create a standalone MOV or MP4 file. To do this, you can inspect the GameBreaker package for the game you are working on. To do this, find the package and "control-click" on the package and choose "Show Package Contents". 

    When viewing the package contents, you should see a .mov file. It looks like a movie file, but its actually a "reference file" that points to the video that lives elsewhere. Its a very small file, likely only a few megabytes in size (a good clue that its not a standalone movie file).

    You will want to drop this MOV reference file into Elgato Turbo and process it. The resulting file (MOV,MP4,M4V) will be perfect for uploading to the Film Exchange Network. You should watch the video with Quicktime prior to uploading it, just to make sure it converted properly.





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