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On TeamXStream, all of your video can be found in your "Video Library". This includes video that you have uploaded, as well as video that you have received from other schools. We have made it searchable so you can quickly find videos that you are looking for. 

When you first login, the library is set to your current season, however you can change to past seasons as well to search for older videos. 

Each team, by default, has a single library that contains all of the video. You can create separate libraries if you want to organize your video in another way. 

Users can create separate libraries for game film, depending on what the team needs are. 

To Access the Video Library

Step 1: From the top menus, go to the Video menu and select Video Library.

Step 2: Search for video

Here you will see all of your videos, but you can easily search for video using the search bar, or by click on the column headers. 

Once you find a video, you can click the Blue Cloud to proceed to the Video Details Page.


Step 3: The Basic Options

The Video Details page has multiple sections to view, download, clip, and edit the video.



Editor will take you into our online video editing system and load this video.

Download video will allow you to transfer the file to your own computer.


Step 4: Video Sharing Options

The video sharing options are in the middle of the page.  This is where you can change the security of your video.  You can share with player, trade partners, etc.



Step 5: Uploaded File Details

The Details is where you can learn more about this bit of video.  You can also rate the quality of the video (which is anonymous).


If you share your video with one of your trade partners, but they lost (or didn't receive) the email, you can send them the link directly.  This is not a public link, they still have to login.



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