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How to Download Video

Step 1: Select a video from the Video Library 

Select the video that you would like to download via the blue cloud icon .


Step 2: Select the download option

On the video viewing page select the download option.  

This brings you to the download page:

Step 3: Choose download method (Basic or Catalyst)

There are two ways to download the video. The Basic download requires no setup. The Catalyst download (TXS-20 plans or higher) requires the catalyst transfer agent to be installed. The Catalyst download tool can be significantly faster, so its worth a few seconds of setup. Access this link for the catalyst installers.

Make your selection and continue to step 4 which is choosing the file version to download.


Step 4: Choose file version

There will be up to 3 versions of the video file available to download.  The number of options depend on the original quality of the video and how long ago the video was uploaded.

Below are descriptions for each version you could see for a given video.

 Best for high speed connections. The Regular File type is always available.  This is the video file in our standard file type at the highest quality received.  For example this would be a HD file if the uploaded file was in HD.


Best for lower speed connections. The Smaller File is a lower quality SD version of the video.  If the original uploaded video was already SD this Smaller File version does not apply and the Regular File download option would be used. 


The Original File will have the highest quality, but will not be in the standard format and the file itself may be larger. This version is available for up to 20 days after the upload.


Step 4: Proceed with download

Once you choose a file version click the button, Basic or Catalyst to begin the download.

Basic example:

To download the Regular File click the Basic Download button under Regular File.

Depending on your browser settings the file will either automatically download to a default folder such as downloads or a pop-up window will display to ask for a location to save the file.

Catalyst example:

When Catalyst is selected as the delivery method the buttons below each file type change to "Catalyst Download," click this button to initiate a catalyst download.

The next screen that will display briefly as the file is prepared for download:

A pop-up may come up asking to allow the transfer agent to run.  Select Yes or Always Allow.

Then select the green "Download File" button.

Once the file has downloaded you can access the download location using the blue button.


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