How much video can I upload?


With every account, you have a specific number of hours that can be used.  For example, the TXS-60 plan includes 90 hours of uploaded video.   Every video that is uploaded counts against this total.


  • While files can be deleted from your library, the hours used are not roll back.  This is because most of the cost for each video occurs when the files are first uploaded and processed (bandwidth, storage, conversion, etc).
  • When you renew and start a new plan-year, your hours used reset back to zero (a clean slate). 
  • Video received as a trade does not count against your hours.  It only counts for the account that actually performed the upload.
  • Movie Maker projects count against your hours once they are exported to your video library. 
  • All videos are treated the same in terms of hours (games, tourneys, practices, etc).
  • Received Courtesy Copies do not count against your hours.
  • Videos are rounded to the nearest minute when calculating hours used.

When you purchase your plan, you should account for the total number of hours you will need to upload.  Upgrade options are available upon request.   If the upper limit is met, you will no longer be able to upload video. 


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