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Conference Exchange from TeamXStream on Vimeo.

All video on the Conference Exchange must be shared as a single file (not split into many pieces).  Use the TXS merging capabilities, or merge files prior to upload.

Each uploading team is responsible for uploading the correct file.

When an entire conference wants to share video as a group, they can use the our Conference Exchange feature.  We create a private conference exchange library that is only accessible to participating teams.  

At the beginning of the season each team needs to make sure they are assigned to the correct conference by going to the Exchange menu -> Conference Exchange Setup page.


Then review the conference exchange that the system has assigned you to for accuracy and select "Join This Conference Exchange."

From within the Conference Exchange Library, you can access all of the video that has been shared to the exchange. 

To view/download games in the Conference Exchange, go to the Conference Exchange on the right hand side of the video library homepage.


Below is an example of a Conference Exchange. There are several ways to view this report,  sorted by event date, sorted by uploading team, or sorted by most-recent activity.


When you upload video, you can choose to share your video with the Conference Exchange.  Simply move the slider to "Yes" next to the Conference Exchange and the video will automatically be made available for all teams.

Below is a screenshot from the upload screen.   Notice that you can mark Yes for Conference Exchange.


You can also modify the settings of a video, to add it or remove it from the conference exchange.   To do this, select the game, select sharing, and then change the Conference Exchange option from Yes to No, click save changes to complete the selection (see below).



In the example above, the video is already in the Conference Exchange, but you can remove it by hitting the Remove button.   

To further enhance the Conference Exchange, we've added a set of rules to provide fairness.   We call this "CABS", which stands for "checks & balances system".   This can but turned on for leagues that want to prevent one team from gaining an advantage by withholding film.   It uses "soft locks" to prevent teams from access new film until their own required games have been uploaded.

To learn more about CABS, please read this detailed article.

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