Managing your Schedule


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Add, remove, or modify your schedule or add a game to the network schedule.

Managing your team's schedule can be done quickly and easily with TeamXStream. As a coach, you have the ability to add, remove, or modify your own schedule.

Managing your team's schedule

Access your team schedule by selecting the (Team) dropdown menu and then clicking on the My Schedule option.

Editing your schedule

Editing or deleting a game from your schedule can be done on this page. Just select which game you would like to change, then update the new information and click "Save". That was easy.


Adding Games

If you need to add a game to your schedule, use the "Add to your schedule" option on the right side of the Team Schedule page.


Updating Master Schedule

You can also add games to OTHER teams' schedules. If you notice a game is missing on the network, you can add the game to the system.

The Master Schedule can be found in the "Network" Drop down.

The Master Schedule shows you every game that is known by the network. To add a game, click on "Add a Missing Game" on the top right side of the page. This option is also available on various pages of the site (where appropriate).

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