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Open Exchange from TeamXStream on Vimeo.

All video on the Open Exchange must be shared as a single file (not split into many pieces).  Use the TXS merging capabilities, or merge files prior to upload.

Each uploading team is responsible for uploading the correct file.

This article will explain the basics of the Open Exchange.

The first step is to join an Open Exchange and accept the Terms and Conditions.

Go to Exchange>Open Exchange Setup:


Select the Open Exchange:

Then review and accept the Terms and Conditions of the Open Exchange. You cannot access the Open Exchange until you have accepted these terms and conditions, which were supplied to TeamXStream from the IWCLA board of directors.

To access the exchange select Open Exchange Library on the right hand side of the video library homepage.


The video library will now display the Open Exchange:

The main section of this video will show you the videos that are in the Open Exchange library.   You can use the search box to search for a team name.

You can also click on the column headers to perform a search (aka "filter"). 

You can also change between the different divisions (1 thru 3) and see those games.


When you find the video that interests you, you can click the "Blue Cloud" to proceed to the Video Details page.  This will allow you to Download, Share, Edit, and more for the video. 

In the Open Exchange Setup found in the Exchange menu you can see the details of your Open Exchange.  You can view the "terms & conditions" at any time.  


You can also view your schedule and click on any of the teams listed there.  This will filter the games and only show games for that specific team.  If your schedule is not correct, you can click "Make Changes" and make the appropriate changes to your schedule.



You can also view all of the participating teams.  If you click the team name, it will filter the videos and only show you games including that specific team.



If you have any questions, please use the Support link on the right side of the page to submit a support request. 


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