How long does it take to upload?


We go to great lengths to make your upload complete as fast as possible. We use the latest technology available to improve the speed.

There are several items that determine your upload speed: 

  • Network speed at your site.
  • Network speed from your site to our servers in Chicago.
  • The size of the file you are uploading. A full game should be at least 800 MB, and high-def files might exceed 5 GB.

The total time required for you to upload depends on these variables. Some schools only need 5 minutes to upload their game. Other schools require an hour or more to upload their film. It depends on the three factors listed above.

Our maximum speed is 90,000 kbps, the fastest in the industry. Most people have bandwidth in the 10,000 kbps to 40,000 kbps range.

Please see our other article with directions to determine your upload speeds.


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