Some tips for GameBreaker live-capture


In GameBreaker, go into live-capture mode and choose the H.264 optional settings. These are the best settings for live capture. If you don't change your options, it will use "device native" or "apple intermediate" settings, which consume alot of disk space and requires a time-consuming Export in order to upload to TeamXStream.

H.264 is space efficient and maintains good video quality and allows for rapidly uploading to the TeamXStream.

The default capture type is "Apple Intermediate", but you should not use this because it causes compatibility issues when exchanging with other teams. Please follow the directions below.


1.) Under the Capture Menu -> click Open Capture Window

2.) Change the video device on the right site to "H.264 HD 720"

3.) Click the big red Capture Button

4.) Name your video at the top next to "Save As:"

5.) Click Save to start capturing

You can also go into the GameBreaker / Sportscode preferences, under the Live Capture section, and enable the creation of a standalone movie file.  At the conclusion of live-capture, you can upload the standalone movie file to TeamXStream without any additional steps.  This is a very popular approach.

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