Courtesy Copy (Share game video with opponent)



We have found that many times, one team will record the game and the other team will not. For example, the home team will record the game and the away team will ask for a copy. We have created a solution for this situation. The team that records the game can give a Courtesy Copy to the other team. The other team can then use this film as if they had uploaded it themselves. They can exchange it with other teams and do those types of activities.

Its a very simple process.

Step 1: Upload your game video to TeamXStream

Step 2: Find the video in your Video Library

Step 3: Give your opponent a Courtesy Copy

This will copy the video from your library to theirs. See the screenshot below, simply mark Courtesy Copy with a YES and Save Changes.


You can also give you Courtesy Copy during the upload process.   Simply mark "YES" for Courtesy Copy.
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