Importing video from other websites


If you have access to video on third party websites, you can import them directly into TeamXStream.   With this method, you can avoid downloading and uploading.

For YouTube videos, simply grab the URL from your browser and import the link on TeamXStream.  


Step 1: On the upload page, click the icon next to "Import from Link"



Step 2: Enter the link into the text box.



Once you hit Save, the URL is ready to import



Step 4: Click Import from Link to start the process.  The video will be imported directly over the web.


The import could take a few minutes, depending on the speed of the other website.  

For other video websites, you can enter a link directly to the video file.  

If the website gives you a direct link to the video file, just copy and paste it into the textbox in Step 2 (see above).

If the website does not give you a direct link to the video file, look for an option to download.   Once the download starts in your browser, you can go to the Downloads tab in your browser and cancel the download. Retrieve the download URL from the cancelled download.   Paste that link into TeamXStream (see Step 2 above).   This can be a bit tricky the first time you try it, but its actually very easy once you know the steps.

To locate to the Downloads page in your browser, go to the menu at the top and use...

  • Google Chrome: Window -> Downloads
  • Firefox: Tools -> Downloads 
  • Safari: View -> Show Downloads


You can also import video directly from FTP sites.  

This method is tested and used by TeamXStream clients on Google Chrome and it works for most FTP sites.

In Chrome, enter a URL that looks like this...



If this FTP site works on the web, you should be able to copy the link and import it into TeamXStream on the upload page (see Step 2 above).


If you are struggling to import a video from a link, please open a ticket with support ( and tell us about your situation.   If it doesn't work on the attempt try, let us know so we can research the link and provide guidance.

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