Match Data Services - Instructions


If you are using Match Data Services on TeamXStream, this document will discuss all of the details.


Ordering Match Data

If you would like to add a match data package, this can be done on the Ordering page for Soccer and Field Hockey clients.   Packages start at 10 games and go up from there.  Please schedule your games for analysis at least 1 week in advance to avoid delays.


Scheduling games for Analysis

Once you've ordered a match data package, you'll need to tell us which games you would like to have analyzed.   You can pick games from your own schedule.  You can also pick games played by other teams, so long as you have access to the video. 

To select games for analysis, login to your TeamXStream account and go to the "Account Setup" menu at the top.  Select the "Match Data Services" option.   Contact support if this link is missing (

At the top of the page, you will see information about the package you ordered, how many games were purchased and how many games you have scheduled for analysis.


You can also view which games have already been scheduled.


To schedule additional games for analysis, select them at the bottom.


When you hit Submit, the selected game will be added to the analysis schedule.  hint: to select games, move them from the left box to the right.


Requirements for Full Analysis

For each game that you want analyzed, you must provide us with a starting lineup sheet.   It should be uploaded to TeamXStream at the same time you upload the video.  

***For Field Hockey teams with the "Match Data" package, the lineup sheet is not required, only the box-score.

To fill in the lineup sheet, you can start with blank form, or you can modify a keynote/powerpoint document linked below.  The lineup must be saved as a PDF.  

Field Hockey Lineup Sheet (example)

Soccer Lineup Sheet (example)

Also upload the box score / stats sheet as a PDF.   Here is an example of what we need to assist in the analysis process.


Video Upload Procedure

Video should be uploaded by midnight on the day of the game to prevent delays in processing.

All games must be captured in HD (720p or higher) and filmed from midfield.

Upload the video files to TeamXStream as you normally would (Video -> Upload Video).  Update the Match Data option at the bottom.


*** If you forget to select the Match Data option during the video upload, you can do it afterwards. Go to the video and select "Match Data Services" from the menu.  From there, you can submit the game for analysis.

Attach the required lineup PDF and the box-score PDF along with the video.  Games will not be analyzed without these docs.

Once the video is received and processed on TeamXStream, the analysis process will begin.   The match data & reports will be available in your TeamXStream account within 24-36 hours.   Additional time may be required if the analysis was scheduled with no prior notice.


Review Data


When the analysis is complete, go to the video to access the match data.  Match & Player reports are available under Documents.  They are PDFs that you can view through the browser, download to your computer, or print.   To view the match data dashboard (video clips), go to the video and click the match data icon.



If you need to purchase additional games during your season, contact support and we can invoice you separately for those additional games. 







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