Sharing video with a Playlist


If you need to share video with someone outside of your program, you can create a Playlist and share it with them.  

  • A playlist can contain one or more videos.
  • Each playlist has a link which you can share with others via email. 
  • When the recipient receives the email, clicking the link will open the playlist on Teamxstream. 
  • They can watch the videos, and download the videos if you give them that option. 
  • There is no login required to access a playlist.
  • You can continually add videos to a playlist.
  • You can only add videos YOU own to a Playlist.  You cannot add videos from an exchange.


Create & Share a Playlist

Go to the Video menu and select Playlists (highlighted in yellow below).




Fill out the form to create your new playlist.   Give it a name, description (optional), and indicate if downloading is allowed. 




In this example, the playlist has been created but there are no videos in it.  The "Share Link" below is what you will send to the recipient.  It's highlighted in red.   Copy and paste that URL into an email or text message.




Add Videos to Playlist


Go to your video Library and select a video you wish to include.

Choose "Exchange" from the video menu.



Go to the Playlist section (on the right) and select your playlist from the dropdown menu.




Now the video is included of the playlist, and will be visible to the recipient when they click the link.  Here is what the recipient will see when the playlist is loaded into their browser.




User clicks on the video ("Video #1" in this example)...




Notice the Download option at the bottom, which I have enabled for this example.

If you add additional videos to the playlist in the future, it will automatically update.   You do not need to resend the link. 



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