New Opta Dashboard from the F24


Import your Opta F24 file for any game in your TXS library or exchange.   This includes the broadcast, wide angle, or panoramic video.

Here are the steps.

1) Find the game in our library and click on it to open the Video Player.

2) Go to the Video Menu and select "Time Periods".  

3)  Using the form at the bottom, tag the kickoff for the 1st and 2nd half.  We use the timecodes to align the video with the Opta data.     Period 1 = 1st half KO       Period 2 = 2nd half KO




When you find the precise moment of the kickoff, pause the video and hit "Use Video Time" to populate the form below.   Enter "1st half" or "2nd half" as the period name, select Period #1 or Period #2 and Save.

4)  Click "Back to Video Player"

5)  Once you've added the Time Periods for the kickoffs, you can import the F24 XML file.   Choose "Import Timeline" from the Video menu.

6)  Upload the F24 XML file as you normally would.  The processing of the file can take 1-2 minutes.  Once it's loaded, click "Back to Video". 

7)  High fives, your done.  Select Opta Dashboard from the Video Menu.



The Dashboard View.  

Each side has Attacking, Defending, Set Pieces, Goalkeeper, and Player timelines.




Open the image above in a new tab to get a better look at it.   If you run into issues, email us for help.


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